Who Are We?

The Dallas Refugee Resources database is offered as a service of Vickery Baptist Church. Vickery Baptist has served our neighborhood since 1910.

It has become evident that everyone could benefit by the creation of a database of resources so that agencies and refugees alike can easily find information. We’ve created this test website to meet the need.The data has been accumulated by browsing the internet and taking notes from others who serve on the front lines.

The time seems overdue for a centralized database of refugee information as opposed to collecting this info piecemeal on the internet. There will soon be a site wide Search Feature added to the site.

We'd greatly appreciate it if you can veruify the data on this site and/or add any new information that can be useful to everybody who serves the refugee community.

Please contact us and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on features to improve this site.

Senior Pastor Herb Walker
Assistant Pastor Jimmy Gallagher
Vickery Baptist Church
214-908-1027 (cell)